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      Front Surface Mirrors
    Coated with aluminium, silver, or muti-layers coating, our mirror (reflector) is widely used for over head projector, stage lighting and other illumination systems.

    Float glass, BK7, White Crown, Pyrex, or custom materials

Types of reflectors
     Spherical Reflectors
     Ellipsoidal Reflectors
     Paraboloidal reflectors
     flat reflectors
     Conical reflectors
     UV cold light reflectors
     IR reflectors
     UV-VIS-IR reflectors

Standard mirror sheet
    94% Reflective Front Surface Mirror (First Surface Mirror)
    Optical Float Glass Substrate
    Thickness: 6mm (~1/4") for strength or 3mm (~1/8") for Kaleidoscopes or smaller projects.
    Shipped with our protective Sealcoat covering reflective surface. All sizes carefully and securely packaged for safe shipping.
    Max size: 2000x1500mm
    Custom cutting available.

Spherical mirrors & Parabolic mirrors list
All dimensions are in millimeter
Part#DiameterFocal LengthDescriptionCoatingMaterialPriceStock QtyBuy
M0702020Spherical reflector Ø20f20mmAluminiumGlassUS$4.001 Add to Cart
M0682545Spherical reflector Ø25f45mmAluminiumGlassUS$4.504 Add to Cart
M04836.212Spherical reflector Ø36.2f12mmAluminiumGlassUS$3.00211 Add to Cart
M03843.9Spherical reflector Ø43.9 f46mmAluminiumGlassUS$4.002 Add to Cart
M0266416.3Spherical reflector Ø64f16.3mmAluminiumPyrexUS$4.00266 Add to Cart
M041R270104Spherical reflector Ø70 f104mmAluminiumGlassUS$5.0018 Add to Cart
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Ellipsoidal mirrors list
All the Ellipsoidal mirrors are out of stock. Please contact usfor custom made.

Flat mirrors list
All dimensions are in millimeter
Part#DimensionCoatingMaterialPriceStock QtyBuy
M037R142.3x28.5 OvalAluminiumGlassUS$2.003 Add to Cart
M04212.3x8 OvalAluminiumGlassUS$1.00126 Add to Cart
M044R16.7x4 OvalAluminiumGlassUS$5.005 Add to Cart
M06135x25AluminiumGlassUS$3.0062 Add to Cart
M066300x200AluminiumGlassUS$20.0018 Add to Cart
M5009x9AluminiumGlassUS$2.00136 Add to Cart
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